Bits and Pieces

Thomas lost his tooth on October 23rd. He was thrilled, although rather grossed out by the hole it left behind… I told him on the 22nd that I thought it was getting loose enough to pull. And on the morning of the 23rd he promptly asked me, “So, when do you think you might pull my tooth out?” Alrighty then.

We survived Halloween–more than survived. I think everybody had fun. A grand total of SIX pumpkins were carved on Sunday. We were invited over to a friend’s house for pizza followed by trick-or-treating with buddies. The kids whooped it up like only kids can do. When I went to tuck them into bed last night, I could hear them laughing hysterically–I just *knew* that I was going to have to scrape them off the ceiling. Instead, I was shocked to find them curled up together under the blankets on Thomas’ bed watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons on Caroline’s iPod.

Caroline flitted from costume idea to costume idea in the days leading up to Halloween. Finally, on the big day she settled on the Fairy/Princess costume that we’d purchased in September. I was amused that after all the idea changing (Rainbow Flower, no wait, Fairy Princess, no wait, Super Hero Kitty, no wait, Princess Tiana, no wait, Tinker Bell, no wait….) she landed right back where she started. I’m hoping Super Hero Kitty makes a return at some point in the future–I think there is a ton of potential there.

Thomas was Iron Man. This is noteworthy because it’s the first time he wasn’t a dinosaur.

I have zero pictures of them dressed up together. However, I have lots of memories of giggling children, buckets of candy, and time well spent with friends. At the end of the day, it’s the joy that matters–not the number of photo ops.

Thomas told our neighbors on Sunday, “We didn’t carve our pumpkins until this morning. My parents are pretty much last minute carvers.” How right you are my boy. How right you are.

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  1. I think it’s the memories that matter. Much more than the photos. (Or this is what I tell myself, since I’m horrible at photos.)

    I love that T told on you. heh. Then again? I did our the week prior and they molded. You couldn’t even tell what they were supposed to be by Halloween.

    November 2nd, 2011

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